Astra Salvensis 2/2020
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02. Dorin Ioan RUS - Considerations on The History of the Saxon Church in Reghin before the Lutheran Reformation
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03. Melinda Gabriela KERESZTES - Anthroponymy in Ineu between the XVII-XVIII Centuries
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04. Andrei PETRUȘ - Poverty and the Contrast of Romanian Society
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05. Ciprian DOBRA,Tudor ROȘU - Reenactment at the Coronation Festivities The Historical Cortege from October, 16th 1922
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06. Stelian PAȘCA-TUȘA, Ioan POPA-BOTA, Serving Priests in Soporu de Câmpie Village between 1733-1927
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07. Bogdan Laurentiu Avram - The Musical Activity at the „Mihai Viteazul” High School
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08. Mihai-Octavian GROZA -The Evolution of Romanian Secondary Education in Sebeş during the Interwar Period and in the Years of the Second World War
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09. Mihai CROITOR, Sanda CROITOR - Ideology and Politics R. W. P. s Stance on the Open Polemic within the Communist Monolith (1964)
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10. Raluca FARCAS - Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Failure of Post-Conflict Reconciliation
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11. Margareta Gabriela NISIPEANU - The Road towards Erasmus, Fundaments and Challenges in Adopting the Programme
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12. Maxim Marian VLAD - The Nature of Theological Language
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13. Rade KISIC - The Mystery of the Church F. Ordained Ministry, Priesthood
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14. Pavel PAVLOV - History and Christianity, Time and the Church
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15. Inocent Maria Vladimir SZANISZLO OP - How Can Science Lead Us to the True Knowledge of the Truth.docx
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16. Stefan ZELJKOVIC - Consolidation of Papal Power During the Pontificate of Pope Nicholas I in Context of the Photian Schism
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17. Dragutin AVRAMOVIC - Exercising Religious Freedom in Pandemic Era During the State of Emergency – a Legal Perspective
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18. Silviu Cristian RAD - The Suffering of Children - between Silence and Revolt
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19. Alexandru Lazăr - The Universal Salvation. New Opinions in the Contemporary Theology
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20. Ion DUR - Diagnoses of the Romanian Culture
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21. Flavius Cristian MĂRCĂU - The Economic Transition between the Political Decision of the Post-Communist Governments and the Collectivist Mind
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22. Cătălin PEPTAN - Reflections on the Phenomenon of Globalization, from the Perspective of the Impact on Current Society
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