Astra Salvensis 1/2023

1. Marian BOTA - Assimilation of pagan elements into Christian worship
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2. Angelo Aurelian MANEA - The contribution of the church to the preservation of the national identity in Transylvania in the years 1890-1920
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3. Cătălin GLAVA - Current restructurings of the family concept
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4. Violeta-Cristina PĂLTINEAN (ȘINAR), Maria Barbă - Meloteherapy and the development of emotional competences in preschoolers
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5. Anca SIMION - Neuroscientific insights into education
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6. Alexandru LAZĂR - Rediscovering ascetic values in the contemporary world
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7. Ioan-Adrian BUTA - Saint Roman Melodus and the history of the Condacus
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8. Marko KAPETANOV - For this were we created
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Book Review, Alexandru LAZĂR, Maxim (Iuliu-Marius) Morariu „Gânduri de pandemie”, Renașterea, Cluj-Napoca, 2020
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Book review, Iuliu Marius MORARIU, John Witte Jr., Rafael Domingo (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Christianity and Law, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2023
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